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HDS Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense industry is expected to experience continued growth in most segments for the foreseeable future. Both military and commercial customers want to modernize their aging fleets with new and more energy efficient models and extend the useful service life of their existing fleets. The challenges for OEMs and their customers will be to continuously transform their extended supply chains to optimize total productivity while maintaining a highly dynamic and virtual work force.

How is HDS impacting industry requirements

Aerospace and defense companies need to launch fewer completely new aircraft programs in today’s business climate. They also are required to respond more effectively to changing production schedules even though they participate in global supply chains comprised of diverse vendors and partners. In addition, prime contractors often compete on newer programs that require them to accept lifecycle performance agreements, which place a premium on total enterprise productivity. HDS is focusing on:
HDS is ensuring complexity by increasing yield on product and process innovation
HDS is ensuring speed by reducing your time-to-market through lean processes, a higher yield on designs and faster cycle times
HDS is ensuring sustainability by incorporating customer and regulatory requirements into your product lifecycle
HDS is ensuring optimization by tracking your resources through digital product and process validation
HDS is enabling globalization by ensuring real-time collaboration

How is MDS impacting Aerospace & Defense industry?

MDS is managing mission-critical data by full traceability, automatic upload to analysis and conversion to usable formats
MDS integrates materials data management with your PLM Process by smart search and selection tools and managed catalogues saving your designers time in getting the materials data they need
MDS helps to ensure regulatory compliance by supporting regulatory submissions
MDS optimizes materials strategy by supporting cost control or quality initiatives

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