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HDS Automotive & Transportation

Automotive & Transportation

Urban growth and population diversity – have a huge impact on personal mobility. Urban growth is largely responsible for the rising demand for smaller, more fuel efficient cars, as well as for the move toward mass transit and shared vehicle models. Population diversity drives the demand for more personalized vehicles that fit the preferences of individual consumers, vehicles with a distinctive look and feel.

As a result, automakers need to respond with more variation in their product portfolios to meet these market imperatives. In turn, these market demands fuel the need for more innovative solutions and processes to manage this complexity.

How is HDS impacting industry requirements

Automotive OEMs and suppliers face ever increasing challenges and complexity in bringing vehicles to market. Fuel economy, hazardous substances, safety and CO2 emissions are just a few areas that governments regulate today. Globalized product development, manufacturing and purchasing operations aren’t a vision – they’re a reality. As consumer tastes rapidly shift, automakers must reduce vehicle development time and align production with demand. And that’s just the impact on the business side of the equation. In addition, software and electronics bring new innovations into the vehicle while driving up complexity exponentially. How well you manage and optimize these complexities enables your company to differentiate itself from the competition. HDS is focusing on:

HDS is delivering more innovation by increasing yield on product and process innovation
HDS is ensuting short time to market through lean processes, a higher yield on designs and faster cycle times
HDS is ensuring compliance by incorporating customer and regulatory requirements into your product lifecycle
HDS is ensuring resource optimization by tracking your resources through digital product and process validation
HDS is enabling globalization by ensuring real-time collaboration

How is MDS impacting Automotive & Transportation industry?

MDS is managing materials and manufacturing data across the enterprise by full traceability of materials data, automatic upload to analysis and conversion to usable formats
MDS supports engineering design and analysis processes by automatic parsing and export to a number of popular CAE apps (FEA, FD and CFD).
MDS helps to ensure regulatory compliance by supporting regulatory submissions
MDS optimizes materials strategy by supporting cost control or quality initiatives

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