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HDS Energy & Nuclear

Energy & Nuclear

Demographic change, resource scarcity and an increasing focus on environmental protection are three of the largest megatrends affecting the energy and nuclear industry. These opposing dynamics place enormous pressures on companies engaged in this industry. In order to explore, find and leverage this planet’s hydrocarbon, air, wind, geothermal, ocean and solar resources, innovation is required on a scale that has never been attempted before.

The challenge is to meet your current business needs without compromising the needs of future generations. Your company’s teams are tasked with making complex decisions every day. But your company needs a structured and systematic way to harness the information, knowledge and new ideas that are dispersed across and beyond your enterprise.

How is HDS impacting industry requirements

Your industry faces the overarching challenge of meeting today’s never-ending global demand for energy while delivering its products in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner.HDS understands that innovation is essential for mastering these complexities and enabling your company to deal with industry requirements.

HDS impacting globalization and risk by efficiently managing the global supply chain and the innovations that are initiated
HDS is ensuring speed and complexity by enabling better communication with customers, collaboration between company and an informed customer base, accurate understanding what customers want
HDS is delivering optimization and profitability be squeezing inefficiencies out of supply chain innovations and providing total visibility into all of supply chain’s operational stages to ensure optimal performance and maximize profitability.
HDS is ensuring sustainability and compliance by comprehensive management of regulatory compliance while enabling to meet long term sustainability goals

How is MDS impacting Energy & Nuclear industry?

Energy generation, whether from fossil fuels, wind, or nuclear, can place substantial demands on materials. Materials must meet requirements for strength, fatigue, and other mechanical and thermal properties reliably over many years, sometimes under extreme conditions.

MDS is managing mission-critical data by ensuring designers access to the right information and allowing to apply these data effectively to make the right materials and process choices
DSM supports engineering design and analysis processes by deploying up-to-date, accurate data to designers and engineers in a secure, controlled, but easily usable manner.
MDS helps to ensure regulatory compliance by helping address environmental issues during design.
MDS optimizes materials strategy by efficiently managing in-house test and QA data, retain and re-use materials knowledge, particularly when projects run for decades

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