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HDS Hi-tech & Electronics

Hi-Tech & Electronics

Today’s high tech and electronic manufacturers continue to be squeezed by aggressive price points, product design complexities, regulatory requirements and technological change. In turn, these pressures threaten to erode profit margins, contribute to commoditization, complicate the manufacturing process and slow the take-to-market cycle.

Rapidly changing technology is creating short market windows for new products, which increases the need for a more robust new product introduction (NPI) process. Causes of NPI failure include the inability to facilitate real-time collaboration and dependence on costly and inefficient physical prototyping, as well as a lack of formal requirements management, poor supply chain visibility and unresolved design/manufacturing issues. As a result, product features are not aligned with customer needs, products are late to market and costs are higher than anticipated.

How is HDS impacting industry requirements

High tech and electronics manufacturers face a variety of challenging business imperatives. Companies must develop and deliver products that are both highly innovative and cost sensitive while competing in a distributed global marketplace.HDS is supporting manufacturers that aspire to leadership in the high tech and electronics industry:
HDS is increasing the product innovation success ratio so that they can bring more desirable products and technologies to market, by identifying and commercializing opportunities with the highest probability for success.
HDS is improving program profitability by employing effective cost management techniques, such as mass re-use initiatives and virtual prototyping.
HDS is encouraging worldwide development excellence by leveraging a proven platform that encourages structured collaboration and social networking.
HDS is facilitating design-for-sustainability by integrating both regulatory compliance and larger sustainability needs more efficiently into today’s lifecycle processes.
HDS is ensuring effective management of risk and the operation of today’s global value chain by meeting core business requirements such as on-time, on-cost and on-quality product delivery.

How MDS is impacting Hi-tech and electronics industry? (complexity, speed)

Developing and delivering more innovative products to market quickly, at lower cost, while operating in distributed global environments are imperatives that challenge this industry. MDS helps High Tech and Electronics companies answer the industry’s toughest questions regarding material data management:
MDS is managing mission-critical data by ensuring designers access to the right information and allowing to apply these data effectively to make the right materials and process choices
MDS supports engineering design and analysis processes by deploying up-to-date, accurate data to designers and engineers in a secure, controlled, but easily usable manner.
MDS helps to ensure regulatory compliance by helping address environmental issues during design.
MDS optimizes materials strategy by supporting cost control or quality initiatives

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