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HDS Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery

Increasing global competition requires industrial machinery companies like yours to continuously innovate and optimize their products. The need to capture and leverage fresh value-creating ideas from your own employees, as well as from your partners, customers and suppliers, extends today’s innovation process beyond traditional boundaries.

Innovation has become a core driver of growth, performance, and valuation. You need to accelerate product delivery while ensuring a fast and appropriate return on your innovation investments. These goals are compounded by the fact that today’s new product development process is comprised of hundreds of decision points and parallel work flows that now take place in a global context.

How is HDS impacting industry requirements

Industrial machinery manufacturers are constantly challenged to adapt to new circumstances. Organizations from this industry also need to consider cost and environmental impact. Designers must not only meet functional requirements, they must also take into account the practicalities of procurement, the supply chain, and global manufacturing. And they must satisfy regulations and quality standards. Many industrial machinery manufacturers find themselves facing an increasing number of new requirements:
HDS is helping to master demand for more flexible machines that can be rapidly adapted to new products or formats, as well as for machines that can be easily integrated into existing plants by delivering highly efficient PLM software and services
HDS is supporting drastic reduction of the time it takes to develop new machines, while ensuring that these machines can operate at close to 100 percent uptime by delivering top class designing and simulation software.
HDS is helping to deliver excellence in service and parts management by supporting customers at every stage of their product lifecycle.

How is MDS impacting Industrial Machinery industry?

The right materials and processing choices make a big difference to manufacturers of industrial equipment. Such products contain many components and a wide variety of materials – metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites. The engineering properties of these materials (mechanical, thermal, and electrical) determine product performance.
MDS is managing mission-critical data by ensuring designers access to the right information and allowing to apply these data effectively to make the right materials and process choices
MDS supports engineering design and analysis processes by deploying up-to-date, accurate data to designers and engineers in a secure, controlled, but easily usable manner.
MDS helps to ensure regulatory compliance by helping address environmental issues during design.
MDS optimizes materials strategy by efficiently managing in-house test and QA data, retain and re-use materials knowledge, particularly when projects run for decades
MDS supporting globalization by helping you consolidate and control all relevant materials data and information, and to use it to make better, more consistent materials decisions enterprise-wide.

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