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HDS Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Many manufacturers of medical products use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to support transactional business processes, such as ordering, cash collection and the general ledger. But leading manufacturers realize that their innovation processes will not be adequately supported by using software designed for transaction management.

Medical Device manufacturers are facing tremendous competitive pressures. The Global Innovation Network model creates a collaborative environment for strategic partners, suppliers and customer around the world. To address industry challenges and become more competitive, manufacturers must leverage globalization, reduce time-to-market, optimize resources, ensure compliance and improve product innovation.

How is HDS impacting industry requirements

Delivering profitability and improved patient outcomes in today’s dynamic environment is increasingly difficult. Manufacturers are under intense pressure to:
Accelerate the innovation process
Increase global reach
Make better up-front risk decisions
Ensure quality and regulatory compliance with traceability through manufacture and back to design
Reduce costs everywhere

The ability to meet these challenges in a volatile economy is especially daunting – requiring new approaches and new tools. HDS is offering PLM software that has been proven to help life science product manufacturers make fast and measurable progress towards these and other objectives.

How is MDS impacting Medical Devices industry?

Materials are of central importance to new product development in the medical device industry. Designers must make best use of corporate knowledge about these materials, and they need access to the right data and tools to inform decisions on selection, substitution, qualification, regulation, and bio-compatibility, and for design calculations.
MDS is ensuring availability and quality of knowledge characterizing relevant materials by full traceability of materials data, automatic upload to analysis and conversion to usable formats
MDS speeds up engineering design and analysis processes by deploying up-to-date, accurate data to designers and engineers in a secure, controlled, but easily usable manner.
MDS helps to ensure regulatory compliance by helping address environmental issues during design.
MDS optimizes materials strategy by supporting cost control or quality initiatives

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