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NX is a next-generation digital product development system that helps companies transform the product lifecycle. With the industry’s broadest suite of integrated, fully associative CAD/CAM/CAE applications, NX touches the full range of development processes in product design, manufacturing and simulation.
To meet the increasing demands for global teams to collaborate on projects, NX enables products to be developed from initial concept layout to manufacturing. This includes the generation of detailed 3-D component and assemblies, performance analysis and tool path preparation within a single managed backbone.

NX Advantages

In a business environment that demands quality products delivered on time at low cost, NX gives you advanced-capability tools and technologies that can help you gain and keep a competitive advantage:

  • Build more innovative products
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Improve product quality
  • Improve productivity
  • Get to market faster
  • Reduce costs

NX Benefits

The NX™ suite of integrated CAD, CAM, CAE and PDM applications transforms the entire product development process by enabling companies to reduce waste, improve quality, shorten cycle time and deliver more innovative products. Other benefits include:

  • More rapid and efficient product development
  • Improved use of imported models
  • Faster, easier geometric modeling
  • Accelerated CAE model preparation
  • Faster, more productive NC programming
  • Better leveraging of PLM information
  • More intuitive reporting for improved decision-making
  • Faster validation and issue resolution
  • Improved automation capability

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